Molly + Lucas

January 9, 2021

Every single time I get to meet with my clients, I’m reminded how grateful I am to have been chosen to take on telling their story, and when I met Molly via Facetime, I just KNEW we were a perfect match. While I didn’t get to meet Lucas until the day of, I immediately knew that if he was anything like Molly, we were going to be a perfect match as well. From the get-go, Molly gave me permission to swear like a sailor and offered her arms open wide to join their families for the special day. Their bubbly personalities and warm smiles had everyone around them laughing and crying alongside them. With everything that was going on in the world, they still brought together their closest family and friends and celebrated in a damn good way. BUUUT I digress (I love them so, can’t you tell).

Celebrate their love, their laughter, and all with them.

Photography By: Alyssa DenHartigh,

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