Kenzie + Adam

May 2, 2021

When meeting with Kenzie + Adam, I knew right from the start that these two would be one of those couples I would hold near and dear to my heart. Their energy radiated off one another, from the stolen looks, to the adoration in their eyes when I asked “Are you a crier?” to Adam and he answered with “absolutely.” (I’m paraphrasing, my memory is horrible but I KNOW it was something along those lines).

There’s nothing I adore more than couples who are head over heels in love with one another, unapologetically, and unafraid to show it. Kenzie + Adam blew me out of the water when it came to just that.

Walking into the girls AirBnb, there was a calm in the air, the girls sitting patiently waiting to finally go to the venue to get their girl married. The nerves were there but were being quietly hidden, and the anticipation with what was to come only grew the closer we got to leaving.

Once we were at the venue and setting up for the first look, Adam was already visibly emotional, ready to meet his bride. The tears that came once he laid eyes on her are ones I won’t soon forget, especially since the first words out of Adam’s mouth after he saw Kenzie were, “holy shit.”

The day then cascaded into love, from Kenzie + Adam’s incredible people, to the love they have for one another. From Adam’s sobs when he saw Kenzie walking down the aisle, to the quiet moments during their reception where we stole them away.

Their love story is unforgettable, and being able to bring that to life was beyond emotional for every party involved.


xoxo, Lindsey 🙂


Venue: Bay Pointe Woods // Photography: Nicole Dingman Photography, second shot by Alayna from Shore & Summit Storytelling // Videography: Lindsey Leigh Media

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