Kaitlyn + Colin

February 13, 2021

Valentine’s weekend started their forever for Kaitlyn + Colin, who spent their day in a winter wonderland DREAM. Their wedding took place at Restore Church in Ionia, which is near and dear to the Prominski family!

The day started with a house full of girls, all getting ready to take on the big day with Kaitlyn, followed by a tear-shed first look between Kaitlyn + Colin. The amount of quiet “I love you’s” that were exchanged between these two when it was just them, made my heart absolutely melt. We then all hustled to the church, where we frolicked around in the street + the studio across the street, before getting these two married! The ceremony had beautiful words from Colin’s dad, Pastor John, with beautiful promises made between Kaitlyn + Colin.

The reception was so incredible, with beautiful dances between the beautiful couple, their parents, and even a special first dance between their friends, Nate + Rebecca, who were unable to have one at their wedding. The speeches from their bridesmaids and best man, were one for the books, with beautiful words about love and marriage. The couple also played the shoe game, with laughs and fun.

All of these amazing things can be seen in Kaitlyn + Colin’s highlight film, shown below!


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